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L’Institut Paul Bocuse new extension!
Le 24/01/14

Ecole restoL’Institut Paul Bocuse new restaurant-école stands proudly on one of the corner of Place Bellecour, in Lyon, since last november. As soon as you walk through the door, a sense of contemporary chic, slightly classic, surrounds you ; upon entering the restaurant, you realize the place is buzzing with energy and the amazing design strikes you. On your right, a see-through kitchen where pâtissiers fold, mix and bake, on your left, cast iron teapots and bottles of wine lined up, delicate china on the wall, and this strange sculpture made of champagne buckets! People at work everywhere : setting a table here, wiping glasses clean there and prepping food behind the kitchen’s glass doors. Wherever you lay your eyes, decoration is charming and sometimes amusing : a white rabbit on the top shelf, a ceramic pike, a japanese vase and this famous black and white picture of Paul Bocuse…The whole place is vibrant, cosy, and the food delicious!
The cherry on the cake is on the first floor : a beautiful cooking school with, needless to say, state of the art equipment ; black marble counter top, shiny food processor, floral arrangement with a twist…Once again, Pierre-Yves Rochon who also designed Le Royal hotel next door, delivers a flawless interior design. We love the place so much, we could have happily stayed at Le Royal, prepared a little something upstairs at the cooking school and lingered at one of the restaurant’s table while watching the chefs in their glass kitchen…As we can’t really do that on our working time (can we?!), we will be happy to organize it for you then!