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For you ladies…
Le 15/01/14

Pour vous Mesdames 2Last temporary exhibition at Lyon’s CHRD, « Pour vous Mesdames » is about fashion during WWII and how women fought to stay as elegant as ever. From designer’s dresses to curtain made wedding dress, clothes succeed each other : matching skirt and jacket cut in a men suit, handmade shoes, night gown sewed from parachute fabric…Outfits look immaculate, colourful, well designed and above all, modern. Amongst the clothes, we notice the contents of a handbag telling us the story of the woman it belonged to or a vintage issue of the magazine « Marie-Claire » ; leafing through the pages, it’s not that different from our nowadays issues : fashion, lifestyle or relationships columns, recipes…

This exhibition, both interesting and moving is complimented by a nice catalogue, an app including sketches from Lyon’s clothes designer Nicolas Fafiotte and a Facebook page inventing the daily life of Marguerite, a 20 year old woman from the 40s in Lyon . A screening of Falbalas, a Jean Becker movie from 1944, one of famous clothes designer Jean-Paul Gaultier influences will take place accross the avenue at Comoedia movie theater on sunday, february 9th.

Until 13 april 2014.