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I want red wine and beautiful french chateaux!
Le 07/05/14

One of our favorite subject here at My Travel Angel office (appart from food and wine obviously) is … Châteaux! Virtually everyday, whether working on a corporate event, a bespoke vacation or a wine tour, we compare, explore and visit places. More than often, our clients ask us for chateau accomodations ; last month we assembled a Burgundy tour according to this charming, straight-to-the-point request :  » I want red wine and beautiful french chateaux! ». We plan private events, dinners, vacations and private visits, heritage or wine oriented, at Châteaux which remain strong symbols of classic french art de vivre. These last few weeks, we’ve seen a lot of moats, drawbridges, century old trees and dramatic staircases at My Travel Angel.

chateau BagnolsFirst of all, we’ve been lucky enough to be invited to the reopening night of  Château de Bagnols, in the heart of  Beaujolais region. It wasn’t the first time we’d been to Bagnols of course, but each visit is a genuine delight : the smell of lavender as you walk down the gravel path leading to the courtyard, the delicate shades of golden stones walls, the impressive front door…Once we’d crossed the threshold, we discovered the brand new glass roof which contempory design matches the surrounding architecture beautifully. The weather was really pleasant that night so we walked pass the spectacular gothic fireplace in Salle des gardes to go for a walk in the garden. And then, in front of the orchard in the setting sun, we thought that this was definitely the perfect place for a gourmet break, especially with Chef Ouaratta now in charge of the restaurant, or to end a Burgundy wine tour in a luxurious way or for an exclusive weekend in Beaujolais region.

Château de ChassagnyWe were just about to recover from the bliss we had experienced at Bagnols when we left Lyon busy city center for a few stolen hours in the countryside discovering a new venue : Château de Chassagny. « New » is not accurate though, as Château de Chassagny has been hosting weddings for a few years now, but huge renovation work is scheduled in the forthcoming months to convert part of the garden, former vat room (retaining beautiful old wine press) and service quarters into meeting and work venue. Even though the building is impressive, the tree varieties majestic and the château a witness of many centuries of french history, nothing is ostentatious, flashy or showy : this place has a unique soul. We were lucky enough to visit it with Edouard Hoffman, who is the present owner’s son and also happen to be a passionate interior designer. He did not present us a venue, he actually welcomed us in his home ; he drew our attention to beautiful perspectives, showed us tailor-made tapisseries in the ground floor rooms and pointed out beautiful ironworks… We even had a brief encounter with a hare at the corner of an arbour hedge! When renovation work will be completed, the castle will have a fantastic outdoor kitchen area (we can already picture ourselves organizing fantastic gourmet picnics there!), and 2 spacious meeting room with state of the art facilities overlooking the gardens. A unique venue we’re looking forward to work with.

Château de Chassagne Montrachet - Picard estate - Burgundy

Château de Chassagne Montrachet – Picard estate – Burgundy

And last but not least, we’re very happy to have the opportunity to work with Château de Chassagne-Montrachet this weekend for a romantic Burgundy getaway we’re planing for one of our client. We work with Michel Picard estate on a regular basis for private cellar visists and wine tasting lunches, but this is the first time we book one of their beautiful bedrooms. To stay in Château de Chassagne-Montrachet, is to be the lord of the castle for the night : as the day finishes, keys of the château are handed to you and you’re home! Reading room, bar, pool, beautiful view on the vines… and beautiful contemporary designed bedrooms and bathrooms.


Et voilà! 3 châteaux, 3 unique atmospheres…We love our job!